Welcome to GUITAR-Loops...

GUITAR-Loops is the home of a growing collection of original, royalty-free, 'acidized' guitar loops. All loops are easy to work with .wav files, at standard 16/44.1 bit depth and sampling rate.

Loop files have been encoded and can be enabled to follow project pitch and tempo in the many popular compatible sequencing softwares. Over a half a gigabyte of royalty free loops are now available for download from our Online Loop Library.

Offering a very nice variety of instruments, tones, and feels, this is a collection that can provide useful material for a wide range of musical styles.

From your basic 1/4 note chug to a range of useful rhythms and riffs, to some heavily effected sounds and whacked ambient pads, you'll find something that will spark your creativity.

Sign up to access our growing Online Loop Library and download as many loops as you want, as often as you want, for six full months!

Also coming soon is our CD, GUITAR-Loops v1, packed with killer loops.

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